About Blair

As a Designer

Blair Culwell Staky is the designer and developer behind Leap blog design. She is based in Chicago and specializes in creating WordPress blog designs for the stylish blogger that are both strategic and beautiful so you can reach your goals. Your blog should be a reflection of you and your brand and that’s what she aims to do through her designs.

With a passion for design and a knack for coding, she launched her freelance business designing blogs and websites on her off hours in 2010. Blair made the leap, no pun intended, to full time entrepreneurship in 2012 when she and her now husband, Rob, moved from Dallas to Chicago.

While Leap specializes in WordPress design for the stylish blogger, Leap is open to considering new and different projects. Have a project in mind? Contact Blair for more information and to discuss your ideas here.

Leap is the one stop shop for bloggers looking to firmly establish or reestablish their brand and offers quick turnaround times and competitive rates for top-notch design and development. Our recently launched blog, Blog Better, shares your tips, insights and tricks that we’ve learned to help grow your audience, maximize your earnings and grow a social following. If you’re just getting started, we can help you launch your blog in just a few short minutes!

As a firm supporter of entrepreneurship and doing what you love, Blair feels blessed to be a part of making your career or hobby a reality.

As a Blogger

Blair Culwell Staky is a personal style and lifestyle blogger currently residing in the Chicago neighorhood of Streeterville with her husband, Rob and their shiba inu, Oliver. The Fox and She, the name derived from the days she spent working at home with only her dog who closely resembles a puffy red fox, features content on personal style, fashion, interior design, food, travel and bits of everyday life.

In her spare time, she paints abstract art, cooks, travels — preferably to Europe, and works on her photography skills.