Add Social Media Links to Your Icons

These are steps for adding your social media links for our premade designs through our Etsy shop, Studio 650.

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and click on ‘Layout’

2. Open the first HTML widget in the sidebar or above the header depending on where the icons are located in your template.

3. When you open it you will see something similar to this.

4. Highlight the note in all caps (highlighted above) and replace with your code.

5. When you drop in your link, make sure you include the FULL URL. You must have the http:// part in front, otherwise your links will not work.

Remove links you don’t need!

*If you do not need a certain link, highlight the code for that link only — starting with the opening ‘< a href' tag and ending with the closing '< /a > tag — as highlighted below.


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