6 Must-Have Facebook Marketing Tools

With more than 2.9 billion and 1.9 billion monthly active users and daily active users, respectively, Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform in the world. In fact, about 60% of the global social media networking population is currently active on Facebook. This makes Facebook a particularly attractive platform for online marketers and advertisers. Moreover, according to Hubspot, Facebook advertising offers the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to all other paid advertising channels. For instance, in Q4, 2020, Facebook advertising generated an average of $10 per user. However, to achieve your marketing goals on Facebook, you have to optimize your marketing campaigns. To this end, you have to leverage Facebook marketing tools. Here are six must-have Facebook marketing tools.


Offering a wide range of features for publishing and analyzing posts, Buffer is one of the most popular tools among Facebook marketers. On the publishing front, Buffer allows you to plan and schedule marketing campaigns with a focus on collaboration. Specifically, the tool comes in built-in features that allow you to refine and approve draft posts from your team. Moreover, Buffer’s browser extension makes it easier to discover, save, and distribute relevant content to share with your Facebook followers. On the analytics front, Buffer allows you to trace the performance of your posts using various metrics including likes, mention, and post reach. Importantly, you can use these metrics to refine your Facebook campaigns.


This feature-rich tool makes it easier to manage Facebook ads. Its many features include a built-in ad scheduler that you can use to schedule your Facebook marketing campaigns to run at specific times of the day. Moreover, the tool also allows you to set custom performance-based ad campaign rules, allowing you to pause and run ads at the right time in order to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Additionally, to increase your return on investment (ROI), this tool can help you rotate ad variation automatically. Qwaya also offers a variety of tools for collaboration and customization. With these additional tools, you can share marketing assets with other team members, use templates to create effective ads, build URLs. Other notable features include the split testing feature (for both audiences and creatives), and the campaign organizer. The former allows you to select the perfect ad while the latter makes it easier to organize marketing campaigns into folders.

Post Planner

At times, finding the right content to post on your Facebook pages can be difficult. This is where Post Planner comes in handy. As the name implies, this tool makes it easier to find the right content to post on your Facebook pages. While Post Planner shows you the trending content that is most likely to resonate with your target audience, you can use it to search for any topic, blog, hashtag, or social media account. Besides content that’s likely to appeal to your followers, Post Planner also displays content that’s generating the highest engagement in terms of clicks, comments, likes, and shares. Post Planner also comes with a custom publishing calendar that you can use to automate your content posting process. Moreover, you can use the tool analytics feature to measure the performance of your posts and optimize them accordingly. Post Planner also comes with built-in tools for collaboration.

Facebook Business Suite

On June 30, 2021, Facebook replaced Facebook Analytics with Facebook Business Suite. This switch allows users with connected accounts across Facebook and Instagram to manage their accounts from one place. Therefore, all Facebook business tools now reside inside Business Suite, making it the right tool to manage all of your Facebook advertising and marketing activities. For instance, you can use the Insights section of Facebook Business Suite to track and monitor the performance of your organic and paid campaigns on your Facebook and Instagram connected accounts. Some of the metrics you can monitor using this tool include:

• Engagement, including comments and likes
• Your followers’ demographic information
• Reach of your Facebook Page


This easy-to-use Facebook tool helps you create, schedule, and publish optimized posts for multiple Facebook pages and groups from one location/dashboard. Therefore, it ensures your posts generate maximum engagement. The tool’s scheduling engine not only allows you to make announcements in good time, but also ensures consistent posting. Moreover, offers a Canva integration that you can use to add visuals, such as videos, GIFs, or images, to your posts, turning them to interactive stories. This is particularly important because interactive stories tend to generate more shares and last longer in the brain compared to image and text content. This tool can also help you, among other things, analyze your Facebook data in order to make data-driven decisions, identify your top followers, connect with influencers in your niche, track engagements, and establish brand awareness.


If you run regular drip campaigns on Facebook, this tool can help you simplify the process of creating and running your drip campaigns. Moreover, it makes it easier to embed your campaigns on your website and other channels, allowing you to generate more leads. Shortstack features an easy-to-user interface and dozens of themes, widgets, and templates. The tool allows users to build, among other things, landing pages, special offers, custom forms, interactive quizzes, and contests. The tool collects useful marketing insights and data in real-time including users’ contact details, device types, views, and traffic source. Additionally, it provides data that you can use to optimize your campaigns.


The six must-have Facebook marketing tools include Shortstack, SocialPilot, Facebook Business Suite, Post Planner, Qwaya, and Buffer.